New hope for Orphans organization operates 16 provinces across 25 cities and provinces in
Cambodia with programs that created to make sure every kid reach their potential as future leader
of Cambodia. New Hope for Orphans gives them the Christ based nurturing and pathways to
succeed with educational programs.

In every children’s home, there is a church which is pastored by a house father who graduated from Bible school. Every Sunday, the kids dress nicely and prepare for the service.
In the evening some homes have come up with a program call Street Evangelism; they go out in the village around where they are staying to share about God and invite the villagers to come to the church on the next Sunday. In some places, where the home is a far distance from the villages, the kids bring the service to the people! Through everyone’s devoted efforts, we have seen many changes in those places.

After the kids graduated from high school in the homes, we offer the​ opportunity for them to extend their education. We ask them to move to Phnom Penh, to a student centre, where they can find a school and subject they wish to study.
Students stay at the centre for the next four years while they study, complete internships, and apply for part-time jobs in order to gain work experience. Since this program’s inception, hundreds of kids who have graduated from universities and now work for NGOs, banks, schools, churches, and in government. Currently we have 40 students in universities.

Enable young adults to complete vocational education and​earn the skills the need to obtain and maintain gainful
employment and independence.
All kids will be educated in the public school system that is provided by government of Cambodia. While​​ many students choose to study at a university, others extend their education by attending skills or vocational training. These young adults can learn skills and trades such as hospitality management,
cooking, and car mechanics.

Every two years, we gather all of the kids from every home across Cambodia to meet in one common location, usually at the beach. For 3 days, the kids participate in a wonderful camp that teaches them more about Jesus.
The last Kid’s Camp, in 2018, was held at a beautiful 4-star hotel and over 700 people attended. It was an incredible experience for the kids!